Cleaning supplies are essential for any business in the catering, hospitality industry or any other industries.

We have a wide variety of Industrial & commercial cleaning products to suit your needs. We offer cleaning products including eco-friendly versions, colour coded cleaning equipment from mops and buckets to rotary cleaners and pressure washers, housekeeping trolleys as well as a range of washroom products.

Our extensive range of housekeeping supplies includes:

  • Housekeeping Carts
  • Sole cleaner & shoe polishing machines
  • Floor Care products – Mops and Wipers
  • Soap & Paper Dispensers
  • Cleaning machines
  • Mop trolleys & Buckets
  • Glass cleaning tools
  • Cigarettes Bins
  • Carpet & Window cleaning tools
  • Matting
  • Waste Bins.
  • And many more..