Medical Examination Lights

Examination lights what we promote is the highly flexible self balancing arm in conjunction with excellent light output that has given our LHH diagnostic luminaries their vast popularity among the medical profession. The frictionless horizontal and vertical movement and the ease of use make the LHH the most flexible examination luminaries on the market – and the best in its class.

  • Demanding viewing conditions
  • Different mounting options
  • Halogen or LED
  • Approved medical device
  • Skin-friendly fabric

We provide uncompromising lighting performance. Its high intensity performance and colour corrected light reduces eye stain making the focus of the examination vivid and the tissues can be easily identified. The perfect light for dermatology, ENT, Gynaecology and sensitive areas such as neonatal and ICU departments.

  • Highest Light Quality
  • Sanitized® for Lasting Protection
  • Colour Control Settings
  • Spring Balanced Positioning
  • Unrestricted 360° Rotation