Champion Boxes

As if the meal comes directly out of the kitchen!
Dinner Champion – this product range stands for a food distribution system, being both attractive and functional. The system is used by distributors of hot meals, more particularly meals on wheels.

The EPP insulation box on the outside protects the system during transportation and waiting time. Being light-weight, robust and perfectly insulating, the box is the base for the high quality of the system. It can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher and simply stored by stacking one on top of each other.

When opening the insulation box, high quality china makes appetite. The china is covered by sealing silicone lids and placed on the non-slipping surface of the box, providing a safe transport.

All components of the system are very easy to handle, the applicable hygiene requirements are met. They can be used in the dishwasher as well as in ovens, microwaves or refrigerators. Using the Dinner Champion food distributions system means creating the perfect base for a perfect meal.