OT Panel & Gas

The surgical facility panel is a product devised to centralize all the operating theatre controls in a technical panel, including electrical equipment, ground unit bar connection and medicinal gases.

It is manufactured to be fitted in operating rooms and made of Corian®, a recommended material for these areas due to their aseptic qualities.

The interior box is made of water-repellent DM sheet covered with polyrey pur-metal in mate aluminum.

Access to the technical panels may be carried out in two different ways, from inside and from outside the operating theatre: In the case of accessing it from the inside of the operating theatre, the technical panel will be opened with folding doors. In case of accessing from the outside of the operating theatre, it will be supplied with a single hinged door located on the rear side, accessible from the septic hall that only covers the X-ray viewer. Mechanized to add control elements is performed with numerical control machinery.

The conÞ guration of the BASIC PANEL is with two doors, a top door that opens upwards and a lower door that opens downwards. The panel’s standard size is 1250 x 1500 x 200mm. We may consider as standard the following components such Analogue clock, digital stop-watch, negatoscope, hands-free telephone, medicinal gases alarm, electrical alarm repeaters, negatoscope switch, chronometer control, electrical switches and redundant earth switches. The control elements manufactured by Tedisel are made of polycarbonate sheet and membrane push- buttons, and are easily cleaned. Also, this model may incorporate a TFT screen no larger than 21” and a keyboard for medical use.

The medicinal gases sockets are installed in a completely independent compartment on the bottom half of the panel. Hermes is our digital panel, which is used to control the different elements of the operating theatre and it offers advantages such as reduced size of the panel, security, connection to pc, etc.

Metallic recessed box with stainless steel front cover which contains electrical terminals, equipotential ground connection and PT sealing. Units recommended for surgical and intensive care areas, with fixed equipment for each one of the models.