Crockery for Hospital

We offer a comprehensive range of competitively priced hospital catering products and tableware, to meet the needs of all trusts big or small. Offering a variety of crockery, disposable food packaging and utensils, feeding aids, disposable cups and lids to name but a few.

The most technically innovative and highly effective way to regenerate and keep warm meals, offers the induction technology. For this, the induction porcelain "Indumatic" which is equipped at the bottom with adapted to their different systems special coating. About this coating in conjunction with the inset in coil carriers inductors that are located in the tray transport trolley or to the docking station, the portioned food heats evenly and gently to the desired temperature. The activated by programming system automatically detects the inductive coated pieces of crockery and heated only those within the pre-set power and time. Non-coated dishes parts remain cold, even if they are on the tray in the field of induction coils. This saves course particularly true power. The user of induction technology achieves as well as maximum flexibility in the central food distribution in terms of design options and use of space on the single tablet. And not just in the often in the foreground standing lunches, but also in most cases more difficult or demanding to be portioned meals dinner and breakfast. Offers both in terms of product variety as well as function, appearance & system optimum requirements for energy-efficient and flexible use of induction technology.