Our Validators are certified from CTCB-I (Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board-International) and fully trained in Clean Room Validation and have a sound understanding in Clean Room standards (ASHRAE, HTM, ISO & USP 797) of the requirements working regularly in Health Care.

  • Hospitals-Operation Theatres, UCV Operation Theatres & Isolation Rooms.
  • Laboratories-Bio Safety Cabinets, Laminar Flow Hoods, Isolators & Fume Hoods.
  • Clean Rooms- IV Pharmacy Rooms, BMT Rooms & IVF labs.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry & Production Facilities.

Cleanroom Validation

With our policy of continuous quality improvement, we always drive towards achieving better quality and reliability in this competitive world.

Our engineers are fully trained in Cleanroom validation and have a sound understanding of the requirements working regularly in Hospitals (Theatres, Pathology & Pharmacy), Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Research & production facilities.

Cleanroom Validation Services Include the following tests:

  • Air Volume Flow Rates
  • Air Change Rate Calculations (ACH)
  • Airborne Particulate Cleanliness Counts
  • HEPA Filter Integrity Leak Testing – PAO Method
  • Differential Pressure Measurements
  • Temperature, Humidity, Light and Noise Level readings
  • Recovery performance testing
  • Airflow visualisation tests, supported by DVD and written report
  • Airflow Balancing and plant remedial works

Our HEPA filter testing services are performed in the following:

  • HEPA Filter testing in Air Handling Units (AHU’s)
  • HEPA Filter Testing in changing rooms
  • HEPA Filter Testing in Cleanrooms
  • HEPA Filter Integrity Leak Testing – PAO Method
  • HEPA Filter Testing in safety cabinets
  • HEPA Filter Testing in laminar flow cupboards
  • HEPA Filter Testing in Pharmaceutical Isolators