Wheel Chairs

Wheel chair with tracked system to descend stairs, entirely made in special aluminium alloy, it is nowadays one of the most light in the market. The backrest and back carrying handles inclination, along with the unique frontal arms configuration, enable a perfect weights distribution, relieving operators efforts. Long and high-grip tracks allow the wheel chair to be safely manoeuvred and handled on 3 stairs when descending with a seated patient. While manoeuvring on smooth and plane surfaces, the 200 mm rear and 150 mm front wheels give exceptional comfort. It is completed by two practical armrests and a telescopic rear bar covered by a high comfort padded sheath. Footrest with magnetic locks and innovative biomechanical solutions, complete the characteristics of this new rescue device. As optional, a version with brake on the back wheels is available.

The range of wheelchairs combines comfort with discreet functionality. These popular wheelchairs are available in different models but all models include a headrest, arm rests which can be lowered, side supports which are easy to install, and a table which is easy to attach. In order to make it easier for the patient to get up and sit down, the arm rests can be lowered, also making it more comfortable when sitting down. Each chair is set on four directional wheels of an equal size for optimal steering behaviour. This increased maneuverability eases the workload of the handling staffs.