Hospital bedside furniture

Practical solutions that help you deliver care in the hospital environment.

Comfort and ease of use:

  • Simple and practical functions.
  • Ergonomically designed seating and storage solutions.


  • Rounded edges and corners on all furniture items.
  • Removable, easily accessible components made of resistant materials for frequent decontamination.


  • A choice of colours and styles adaptable to your room décor.

made-to-measure methods and services

Let’s design your living area together:

  • Our experts team can provide the support and help you need to improve your performance. The objective is to help you to optimise the capacity of your care workers and equipment to guarantee the satisfaction of the patient. We help you to plan your future.
  • In the pre-project phase: you can rely on our specialised service, including tools such as the design and organise your living areas.
  • Our goal: to help you to improve your performance and make the best possible use of your equipment, your human resources and the available space.