Food Transportation Trolleys

The food transportation trolley suppliers have develops designs and manufactures its products and technologies for the use at the demanding environment of modern day meal supplying organizations. The setup of our range of products we clearly identify the different fields of use, to offer a optimized solution for each specific set of requirements.

Identifies three main purposes:

  • Individual meals
  • Bulk meals (multi-portion)
  • Transport and storage of meals

A smoking hot roast, a cool and crispy seafood salad, freshly baked crusty bread – simple home cooking at its impressive best. It is quite a challenge when you have to serve up a great many portions, and the dining table is 5 km or half an hour from the kitchen … We have taken up this challenge and created Temptainer®, the future-oriented concept for healthy and efficient food transport. Temptainer® is a complete system for the efficient distribution of hot and cold food, created with a unique combination of innovative

… design and peerless properties to be served hot …

Well prepared food must be kept at the right temperature until it is served so as to preserve its great taste and nutritional content. Temptainer® with active heating can be connected to a standard wall socket to heat it to the desired temperature. The versatile design makes it easy to fill the container, and the temperature inside it is then kept constant during transport.

… cold food needs to be served cold …

Cold food and room temperature are not a good combination – from either the perspective of health and hygiene or of a desire to maintain freshness. Temptainer® with active cooling is well insulated and features an efficient mains powered cooling element which ensures that the food can be transported and stored at a sufficiently low temperature.

… and all food needs to be handled hygienically…

Good hygiene in all stages of the handling process is crucial for maintaining the quality of cooked and prepared food. It is absolutely essential to keep everything – including the boxes and trolleys used for food transport – clean at all times. Temptainer® is designed for simple and thorough cleaning. The material is stainless, the surfaces are smooth, and the entire unit is hosable, inside and out.