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Chemicals for Hospital Laundry , House Keeping & Kitchen

We have an extensive product range including products for sanitization, cleaning and protection, additives, dyes and other chemicals. Our highly qualified and talented team of professionals is dedicated to offering products which are eco-friendly and non-toxic and at the same time of optimal performance.

Atlantic Care Chemicals, Canada specializes in products for automotive care, laundry care, hygiene & sanitization, fabric care, petroleum and lubricant care and other innovative care chemicals, for the global market. Our products and services have been perfected over 20 years of experience, with continuous research and development, stringent quality control measures and dedicated customer support services.                     

Our products find application in the following areas:

  • Commercial, Hospital and Hospitality Laundries (Laundry Chemicals)
  • Facility Management (Cleaning Chemicals)
  • Industrial and Institutional Hygiene (House-keeping and Sanitizing Products)
  • Food processing, Poultries and Pharma Industry (Specialized Sanitizers & Cleaners)
  • Aircraft and Automobile Care (Cleaning Products)

Echo Range Products: (Housekeeping & Kitchen Chemicals)

The Echo range of products has a wide variety of applications such as housekeeping, floor care, general cleaning, ware washing, kitchen cleaning, industrial and institutional cleaning and so on. The products are extensively used in the cleaning and sanitization of five star hotels and premium hospitals and in food processing, pharma and poultry industries. We ensure that all our products are of superior quality and in compliance with pollution control stipulations.

Bio Range Products: (Laundry Chemicals)

Bio products used in commercial / hospitality / hospital laundries. Detergents, bleaches, fabric conditioners, digesters, linen care products - all come under the Bio range. Liquid laundry detergents with automatic dispensing system are also available.

Bio products, made as per strict environment regulations, help in reducing operating costs, increasing productivity and improving linen longevity and quality. A team of experts to back up the quality products interms of technical & after sales support along with training.