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Street Lights

At present, energy saving lighting in the international market share steadily increased especially in LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED flood lights, solar street lights, LED bulb lights, LED tube lights, LED down lights, LED spotlights LED industrial lights etc.

LED Street Lights

High power LED Street Lights for you here, we represent top manufacturer of high power LED Street Lighting with CREE or OSRAM LED Lamps, its technology has become the most economical, environmentally friendly and energy-saving products. Our LED Street Light is a highly efficient LED outdoor lighting products, a new generation of energy saving lighting, who can replace the traditional sodium lamps, halogen lamps, mercury lamps, fluorescent lamps. Compared with high pressure sodium lamp, our high power LED Street light can save energy 50%-80%.

The color rendering index can reach 85%, very close to natural light, Comfortable, clean, not only energy, but also health, it is the most ideal lighting for urban roads, parks, parking lots, community, mining, development zones and other areas, the maximum effective life can reach 80000 hours because of the unique design and sophisticated technology, lighting 10hours each day, it can be used for 20 years. LED Lights do not have any heavy metals and other pollutants which is typically green products.

As our technology development and progress, LED Street Lights use world famous brand original CREE or OSRAM LED lamp 120-139lm/w, high quality LED driver, higher efficiency, lower electricity consumption and high lumen, warranty for 3years or 5years.