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Fire Pumps

We offer Fire Protection Products where we provide engine only weatherproof and sound attenuated enclosures available on all new orders for all engine models. Enclosures provide shelter from rain, wind-borne debris, control of unwanted pests, and general security for radiator and heat exchanger cooled diesel engines.


Available for both horizontal and vertical turbine fire pump applications, the design allows the enclosure to fit over the engine and be secured to the structural fire pump base. The outdoor standard powder-coated steel enclosure includes a top mounted exhaust, residential grade silencer, cooling loop, driveshaft, batteries and a pre-engineered exhaust flex connector.


Sound attenuated enclosures include the weatherproof standard features, as well as Rockwool insulation, an insulated inlet ventilation air hood, acoustical air discharge louvers, as well as additional features.

Sound attenuated enclosures are designed to achieve 85dBa at 1 meter (3.3 ft). The noise, Sound Pressure Level (SPL) estimate provided is the average of all sides, measured 1 meter from the enclosure and 1 meter above the ground

Regarding supply of A-C Fire Pump, we design and custom-build a wide range of state-of-the-art fire pumps and systems, including prefabricated packages and house units that meet every fire protection need.