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Mobile Hospital Air Purification Equipment Systems for Airborne Infection Control Diseases, TB Tuberculosis, Mobile Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms, TB Tuberculosis

Meeting all CDC Guidelines 100% for Hospital Airborne Infection Control and Health Care Facilities (Healthcare). MICROCON® "The only patented mobile hospital air purification system specifically designed for removal of airborne contaminants in Hospitals and Health Care (Healthcare) settings." Our entire Air Purification HEPA filter units comply with CDC Guidelines, and are FDA 510K certified. “An FDA 510K certification is mandatory for air purification systems in hospital use!”

Features for Airborne Infection Control in Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, Healthcare Clinics and Healthcare Centers:

  • 360° Air intake and exhaust
  • Air change capacity
  • Breathing zone filtration
  • Certified HEPA filtration
  • Portability Modular design
  • Safe filter replacement

Create a Negative or Positive pressure room with the MICROCON® 800 by adding various attachments.

The MICROCON® 800 is designed to create a variety of air purification and pressurization applications. The unique design of the original unit as an in-room filtration device for increasing air changes also lends itself to providing a negative or positive pressure environment. Additional components can be installed to redirect the airflow and bring in air from outside the room when positive pressurization is required. Or by attaching an exhaust duct to the base and expelling air to the outside of the room thereby creating a negative pressure room. All components are simply attached to pre-threaded fasteners in the base or cap for a quick and easy conversion based upon your patient's changing needs.