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Industrial Laundry Equipment and On-Premises Laundry Machines

To achieve maximum throughput, you need maximum performance. Our full line of heavyduty industrial washing machines, tumble dryers, light commercial laundry equipment, finishing ironers and other specialized equipment offers design, construction and innovation like nothing else on the market. With ultimate durability, cutting-edge technology and unmatched efficiency by renewed brands which we represent delivers the absolute lowest cost of ownership in the commercial laundry industry.

A wide range of products to meet the needs of the dry cleaning and laundry industries. We offer garment presses (dry cleaning & laundry), steam-air finishing machines, conveyors and miscellaneous other products provide cost effective solutions to the needs of dry cleaners and laundries.

We offer distribution trolley ranges for hygienic storage and transportation of products. Easy to maintain and manoeuvre trolleys. The range of trolleys offers 600Kg carrying capacities. The trolleys are suited to both in house use and external distribution.

The trolleys are ideal for the linen and clothing in hotels, bars and production floor. All Trolleys are made from strong impact resistant polyethylene. Trolleys can be customised to customer’s exact specification to include, food grade material, Trolley Colour Coding, your company logo, varying castors sizes and types and also conductive material. We also offer a range of spring lift trolleys with varying capacity up to 200kg.

  • Sorting Trolleys
  • Spring Lift Trolleys
  • Distribution Trolleys
  • Storage Units