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The full-range provider for professional kitchens

As a leading provider of complete catering solutions for schools, corporations, caterers, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, homes and armies, we stands for quality, safety as well as high energy and economic efficiency. /p>

We combine respect for fine food tradition with automated systems specifically designed for hospitality sector. It means the certainty of obtaining outstanding equipment and solutions, created by exclusive experience and technology, for;

  • Improving food quality standards with regard to health,
  • Nutrition and organoleptic characteristics
  • Reducing consumption and operating costs optimising efficiency and the working environment

We are creators of cuisine which means we make an important contribution to people’s health and quality of life – from the young to the old.

In particular we strive for food quality, safety and low operating costs in situations where there is a space/time gap between food production and consumption.

We put humans and food at the focus of our products & solutions, as well as the responsible use of limited resources such as energy, water and time. In this way, we achieve both high efficiency when it comes to cooking & serving as well as low overheads and high environmental compatibility.