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Insulated Food Transport Boxes & Trays

The temperature controlled transport of foodstuffs is of increasing importance, regardless if it is shipments to customers, temperature sensitive products or not. The food-safety requirements are vital! To facilitate the transport of food and ready to eat meals, developed a range of specialised products:

  • EPP Transportation and Insulation Boxes: the highly break-resistant lightweights for the insulated transport of temperature sensitive goods.
  • Blu’boxes, made of highly break resistant hard plastic materials destined for active heating or cooling, complete the range of the thermohauser insulated food transport boxes.
  • Plastic Transport Boxes which are always being used when others then temperature sensitive goods are being transported or stored.
  • Our distribution system of hot meals Dinner Champion: it is the right choice for the elegant serving of food even after an insulated transport.

Product categories include trays, table service and display items, storage, shelving, merchandising and insulated transport products, ware washing systems and hospitality meal delivery solutions.